Americans worrying about getting Ebola or encountering an ISIS attack is insulting. 

Boss asked for my twitter, something about social media promotions. Is this the part where I lose my job because of political views? D:

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Oh haha, I was thinking if I have the same book. The one I used was “The Analysis of Biological Data” by Schluter
Aw, that’s very considerate of you, jazak’allah khair! That sounds like a very relevant book for my class, I’m pretty sure the only reason why I’m using my dumb book is because the prof is one of the authors. 

3 hours later, successful sessions of zumba, pilates and yoga at the gym! Though I don’t think I’m going to continue zumba because 1) I have no rhythm and 2) I have no hips lol.


A study shows that 41% of Syrian children in refugee camps have attempted suicide. (x)

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#audubillah  #:(  

Urgh, time to think about the future -panics-

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Inshallah it is, don’t panic and you’re welcome :) what textbook are you using?
I’ll try not to aha, the textbook just says ‘stats’ on the cover and it’s used for my biometrics classes :/
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Maybe someone picked up the book and wants to hand it back next time? Also what you can do is to picture or scan the pages you need for now until you find a solution, before you give back the stranger’s book haha
Insh’allah that is the case and my decision is made easy! Yeah, I’m going to try doing that for now, this textbook is so thick though, ya3ni it’s going to take years to scan everything :(
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id keep it but you know how i have no morals btw heyyyy
NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZ <3 omg girl how’ve you beeen?!

moral crisis help plz

So I lost my stats book yesterday after going to an Islamic lecture, I was like k no problem, will go check the room tomorrow, book’s not there, was like k no problem, will check with campus police, they had the same textbook, I picked it up and then realize that this isn’t my book as mine’s was a used book and this one is brand new, now I’m having a moral crisis, the right thing to do is return the textbook, meaning that I am now textbook-less for this class T.T